Securing a bank loan is never an easy process. With an unstable economy, many lenders tend to have stricter loan processes. To better prepare you with your loan application and escalate your chances of approval, securing the services of finance experts like ASFF is the most efficient way to obtain the capital to grow your business. ASFF works with Nationwide SBA approved lenders and will determine which bank to submit your loan request to based on your specific business needs. We create specific business and marketing plans for both single location and multi unit operators.  

In particular, we offer Franchise Financing Consultant Services that include:

• Business Plans
• SWOT Analysis
• Financial Forecasts
• Custom Marketing Plans
• Cash Flow Projections
• Lender Services
• Tailored Marketing Plans
• Industry and Competitor Analysis

ASFF offers a free prequalification process.  Our flat rate for the franchise financing consultant services we provide is an $1,850.00 non-refundable fee, which covers our labor, costs of preparing all aspects of your loan application and bank submittal.

We collaborate with Franchisees and Operators to provide loans for New Startups, Acquisition Finance, Refinance, Working Capital, Equipment Loans, Remodels, 401K rollovers and many other programs to help your business achieve financial success.

Starting a business, especially a franchise, can be daunting and overwhelming.  Let Alliance Star Franchise Financing help you every step of the way on your loan application and execute specific strategies to ensure financial security. Call us now to schedule an appointment!

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